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New band members announced!

SEMARGL presents new band members: Adele Ri as female vocal and Romulus on bass\vocal.

Adele Ri has already cooperated with band on Satanic Pop Metal album — she's done vocals for songs I Hunger, Drag Me To Hell, God Is Not Love, Opium, Loneliness and Redire. And for now Adele Ri will perform with band live shows and record tracks.

After 5 years of close cooperation Hannibal had to leave band due to personal occasions and new member Romulus replaced him for recording work and live shows.

After such lineup changes SEMARGL will present more new music experiments and band is currently recording of 6th album which will be released in 2013.

Band has already perfomed with new members at Halloween Horror Night 2012 (at Bingo, Kyiv, UA) and video is available here http://youtu.be/QEVAKRkxEO8

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