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KOLDBRANN former drummer joined SEMARGL


Norwegian drummer Tom V. “Fordervelse” Nilsen (ex-KOLDBRANN, ARVAS) became a permanent member of Norwegian-Ukrainian pop black metal band SEMARGL. His debut in the band was when SEMARGL headlined the annual festival “Music Bike Ukraine”, which took place in the city of Uzhgorod, July of this year. Shortly after, SEMARGL played the festival “Devilstone Open Air” in Anyk??iai (Lithuania), which also featured amongst others MAYHEM, GRAVE, and TANKARD.

Fordervelse commented: “It all started when I accidentally saw a YouTube video for the song “Credo Revolution”. It was an unusual combination of elements including black metal, electronic and dance music. This did not leave me cold! And after listening to their latest disc, I was determined to get acquainted with the band. After several weeks of communication, I was offered a permanent place as the drummer for SEMARGL. I gladly agreed!”

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