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Satanic Pop Metal

Satanic Pop Metal, 2012


CD, 2012, Twilight Vertrieb (DE), re-relesed by Semargl in 2013


1. I Hunger
2. Sweet  Suicide
3. Drag Me To Hell
4. God Is Not Love
5. Tak, Kurwa
6. Suck My Dick
7.  Labyrinth
8.  Join In Fire
9. I Hate You
10. Opium
11. Anti I Am
12. Loneliness
13. Redire

RUTARP — vocal
SHADDAR — guitar
HANNIBAL — bass, vocal

Guest musicians:

Iryna (Mysterya) — female vocals in songs: I Hunger, Drag Me To Hell, god Is Not Love, Opium, Loneliness, Redire
Rada  -  female vocals in songs Tak, Kurwa and Sweet Suicide

All music, lyrics and production by SEMARGL
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Blacklight Recording Studio Kyiv, Ukraine in August/ September 2011
Engeneered by Shaddar
Cover and booklet design by  Anima A. / Anomalous Art / Annexare.com

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