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SEMARGL presents new drummer Anima

Ukrainian satanic pop metal band SEMARGL announces new drummer Anima. Past 5 years she took part in band’s life as manager but finally became a full-time member after ex-drummer Fordervelse and band parted ways because of private reasons.
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Live video: Join In Fire

Song "Join In Fire" by Semargl live at Halloween Horror Night 2011, Kyiv. This video is a sample from upcoming live DVD 2012. Song from album "Satanic Pop Metal".
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Semargl live @ Rock Stars New Year

Новый Год с рок-звездами и для рок-звезд!)

Концертный клуб Бинго и Творческое объединение IншаМузика представляют новогоднее шоу — Rock Stars New Year 2012! Реально лучшее празднование Нового Года для любителей рок-музыки!

Как и в прошлом году, мы соберем интереснейшие музыкальные проекты и группы, которые сыграли в течение года в Бинго одни из лучших своих концертов. А уж они в свою очередь создадут своими выступлениями атмосферу настоящего праздника рока! Новогодний драйв и угар обеспечены всем!

Satanic Pop Metal: cover/title of the new album

Semargl presents cover of its new 5th album called “Satanic Pop Metal”, which will be released under label Twilight-Vertrieb (DE) in the near future. Release date will be announced later, as the promo songs. The album will contain 13 tracks, including song Tak, Kurwa which had previously appeared as an Internet single free for download from the official website semargl.com.ua.
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Lineup changes

Today we have to announce a change in our lineup! Despite the fact that Fordervelse is one of the coolest guys we ever met and a good professional drummer, as well as our cooperation has brang good results and we played together a few cool festivals, the destiny set that we will no longer work together because of private reasons. Band should move forward so a new drummer already found and will be announced soon. We wish Fordervelse good luck with his band Arvas, support him and we will always remember a great time spent together.

Semargl live @ Halloween Horror Night


Halloween Horror Night 2011 в Бинго
суббота 29 Октябрь 2011

Клуб «Бинго»
проспект Перемоги, 112
Киев 03115

Тел.: (044) 42-42-555
Сайт: www.bingo.ua/


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Live video mix: Tak Kurwa @ Hard Rock Laager

Song Tak, Kurwa by Semargl live at Hard Rock Laager festival 2011. This video is dedicated to Estonian fans!

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New album update

We just finished recording of the new 5th album! At the moment all material is in mixing and mastering process at Blacklight Studio (Kiev) and we expect it to be released at the end of 2011.

Semargl plays Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Semargl confirmed to play at Eindhoven Metal Meeting 17th of Dec.
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“Tak, Kurwa” single released for free download!

18 of March Twilight-Vertrieb released digital single “Tak, Kurwa” dedicated to polish fans and its ready for free download via link: http://semargl.twilight-mailorder.com (click on cover).

Tak, Kurwa - Uncensored - (Vimeo)

Unsencored video for Tak, Kurwa which was deleted form Youtube.

Video: Tak, Kurwa


Video Tak, Kurwa (Yes Bitch) by Semargl, 2011. Song taken from digital single "Tak, Kurwa". Kurwa means bitch, whore on Polish and Ukrainian. "Tak, Kurwa" is play of words which also has different meaning but in terms of nun we chose meaning "Yes Bitch".This single is dedicated to polish fans of Semargl.

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Video: Credo Flaming Rain feat. Nera vocals

Video by SEMARGL on song Credo Flaming Rain from album Ordo Bellictum Satanas. Guest VOCALS by Nera (Darzamat, NeraNature), piano by Jonny Maudling (Bal-Sagoth, My Dying Bride). Cast model Julia Dynnyk. Shot by Denis Ostryk.

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