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  • Download free single "Tak, Kurwa" via direct link here.

Video clips

  • Tak, Kurwa censored video 720p HD  ~80Mb Click here

  • Credo Flaming Rain video 720p HD ~90Mb Click here

Live videos

  • Join In Fire live @ Halloween Horror Night 2011, Kyiv 720p HD ~70Mb Click here

  • Tak, Kurwa live mix @ Hard Rock Laager 2011, Estonia 720p HD ~105Mb Click here

  • Credo Possess live mix @ Devilstone OA 2010, Lithuania 720p HD ~62Mb Click here

  • Credo Sacrifice live @ Polish tour 2009, 480p SD ~ 20Mb Click here


Dedicated to album Satanic Pop Metal.

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More stuff coming soon.

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