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RAGRAR (Nonexistence, Satan) as a basis of Primary bond
Initial in its Spiral Emptiness
Sublime in its untimely essence and infinity
Endless in its Eternal Protoocean
Nonexistence is a base of all,
as everything rests in Nonexistence
Everything arises from Nonexistence and dies in it
This is the beginning and the end of everything existent and nonexistent;
This is the primal cause of filling with Darkness (XASAKRA) and Chaos (DROGR)
This is A (AND) resulting from everything that is endless
This is an eternal bosom of Chaos and Darkness
Ultimate Absolute as unlimited extension
Existing outside space and time
Non-initial as a reason of all reasons
Indivisible, for everything is concluded in It
Carrying all the elements of the Universal
Penetrating all the universe with its essence
This is the principle of comprehension of Hell (MIDGAR)


RAGRAR exists and does not at the same time
Giving birth to Primordial Chaos and dissolving it in itself
Filling it with energy and action
Creating fundamental structures of anti-cosmos and cosmos of existence
DROGR is the only essence enclosed in the principle concept of RAGRAR
Stretching into Nonexistence through the depth of Protoocean
Chaos is the endless power
Torrents of inspiring and involting forces that seethe in the immense Emptiness
DROGR is the intersection of all planes
A flesh of system that exist in every essence
In every term and every symbol
Forming the initial basis of all forms
Persisting as endless combinations
And innumerable images, because Chaos is an outcome of RAGRAR
A concentration of anti-cosmic and cosmic forces in core of the Eternal Abyss
As everything is transient, except for RAGRAR as the infinity of itself
The cause of all reasons without beginning
Creating universes filled with Chaos and Darkness
As RARGAR is an eternal and absolute formation
Without canons or limitations
The Eternal Infinity has no limits
The Absolute Emptiness has no form


DROGR as condition of anti-substance and anti-power,
For all the properties, qualities, structures, systems and levels
Contain It
Chaos is the initial flesh of the Eternal Nonexistence,
Its integral essence in persistent motion
And perfect creation defined by RAGRAR
All Chaos manifestations are the result of essence of Nonexistence
That invades and creates the Integral Principle of the Abyss Form
Proceeding as a symbol of devastation and creation
Bound with the darkness by the fire of matter and nonexistent
Being a source of comprehension of the Demonic Action,
Opening active principle of the Eternal Hell in life and death of different levels of the Universe,
Its origin forms Its present and future
DROGR gives birth to everything that forms the content of universe
Burning and pulsing with fire of SEMARGL
In the Abyss of numberless combinations
This is a concentration of forces that long for Eternal Nonexistence
This is an axis of Anti-universe penetrating through basis of formation, changes and development
Directed within persistent chain of infernal reincarnations
Throughout unlimited depth filled with XASAKRA


The might of RAGRAR is expressed through worlds and anti-worlds,
Through particles and anti-particles, through positive and negative
As all that is contrary is Its outcome,
Is an action, derived from It
Immeasurable in both anti-universe and universe
Being a might of primacy and absoluteness,
Eternal in its zero density in the universe
Robust in its devastating Chaos
Perfect in its Initial Self-reason
As nonexistent does not need the reason of its existence
RAGR is a denial of itself
That is embodied in TROKR
Expressing itself as action through Universe and Anti-universe
Being a single essence able to exist without existence
Begetting itself in multisided of MIDGAR continuum
As Nonexistence is an Eternal Hell
Ascending through DROGR


As creation of RAGRAR objective reality
Contained in frames of its existence,
Bound with time, space and substance
Obliged to surrender and serve SATAN
Objective reality as a reflection of relativity
Through existence of past, present and future
Is a secondary in comparison with absoluteness of RAGRAR
It is restricted as well as all that is limited by time
There is no eternal, absolute or identical existence
Because the objective reality exists as a secondary nature in contrast to RAGRAR
The objective reality is given the role of final aim
To retract all the levels to the initial position
To the Eternal Symbol of Chaos
Into the zero dimension in the core of all entities
Because all the parts of existence are sequence are sequential and robust
The more intensive the existence, the more evident its limitation,
The more intensive its multivariate stratification of linear dimensions
Existence as a key for revelation of the mystery of time and space


RAGRAR has unlimited variety of forms of existence
They spin in the infinite space
Colliding each other
Being born and dying endlessly with course of time
Reaching the illusion of true stability
Because existence longs for absolute stability,
For all things being in order as if they are frozen,
For they eternal indestructibility
Throughout time, space and causality
Wishing to set up the only true world order,
Proclaiming the linear principle as the only true polity
Existence shows itself as an illusive formation
In endless succession of Eternal RAGRAR


01. The true will erect Chaos and Darkness
02. The independent will gain eminence and pride
03. The individual will become action and assertion
04. The cognizing will reveal wisdom and infinity
05. The consistent will cognize time and value
06. The perfect will reach peaks and Abysses
07. The reasonable will take delight in creation and substance
08. The attacker will experience exception and absoluteness
09. The ruling will inherit power and will
10. The contemplative will master objective and multidimentionality
11. The powerful will experience delight and contempt
12. The invincible will define appropriateness and destruction
13. The single-minded will reach form and perfection


I teach those who hail sublimity of SATAN, for He is the Primary Truth and Non-truth

I teach those who profoundly obsessed by Hell and who lavish his soul to the glory of Chaos and Darkness


I teach those who proclaim the fall of humanity, for They bring closer an hour of Great Catharsis

I teach those who strive for Hierarchy of Hell, for this is anti-universal and universal Symbols, and this is comprehension of transmission through the essence of Abyss

I teach those, who can live in the name of SATAN and who can sacrifice his soul above his knowledge.

I teach those, who longs for freedom above all stages of the herd instinct and who can look into the deepest aspects of Abyss. Deep inside – into yourself.

I teach those, who create the supreme motion of power



© Rutarp, 2009. All rights reserved.

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