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Semargl, satanic pop metal band from Ukraine, presents new album "Satanic Pop Metal" — fresh and unexpected mix of different genres of music: heavy aggressive growl vocals and clean sexy female voices, pop dance electronic samples and heavy industrial beats and drums, rock'n'roll tunes with metal guitar riffs, modern commercial feeling combined with retro roots. Band sing about anti-religion, Satan and sex, propagate freedom from social and moral limits. New album will entertain you and bring to the world of lust.


Rutarp — vocal, keyboard
Shaddar — guitar
Adele Ri — vocal
Romulus — vocal, bass
Anima — drums

Founding band

The history of SEMARGL began in 1997 with their creater “Rutarp” who determined the creative and compositional direction (melodic death / black metal ) as well as the philosophy of the band. Gradually picking up the compositional skills needed. SEMARGL entered the studio in 1999 to record their first demo. This comprised of 4 songs including a cover song by At the Gates.

Continually writing materiel, SEMARGL also recorded a 2nd demo which was never released. One of the songs on this 4 track demo was entitled “The Falling” but was later reworked for SEMARGLs debut album. Also, by 2003, the band had a stable lineup:

Rutarp – vocals;
Shaddar – guitar;
Kirkill – bass;
Equinox – drums;
Shamala – keyboards;
Morthvarg – guitar.

As the band developed, each member had more input to the actual sound. Shaddar’s involvement moved the sound of the band more to a black metal approach, creating more of a melodic atmosphere. Thus, SEMARGL from the very start are not confined to a single genre, instead they draw upon a number of styles to create their music.


In May 2004, the group visited the Polish city of Bialystok to record their first album “Attack On God” in Hertz Studio” (Vader, Asgaard, Decapitated, Hate, Vesania) .

This album was unleashed to the world on 16th April 2005. Released on the Russian label “More Hate Productions”, the eight track recording, with styles ranging from melodic black to brutal death metal, has significant keyboard work. The poetic and lyrical standpoint is full of propaganda, outlaid in the booklet, and delivers a philosophy based on the principles of Satanism, his vision interpreted through the band. The album collects favorable world-wide criticism, resulting in the American label Deathgasm Records to fully redeem the rights for publication in the United States. This label also gave the band a professional looking product.

During 2005, Morthvarg and Shamala leave the band, and the remaining members waste no time in starting to write the next album. This album “Satanogenesis” was recorded at the same “Hertz” studio. Despite a relatively short period of time from the release of the first album, they are able to create a very different sounding album than before. The sound is more raw, the music is faster, and the lyrical content is even more angry and blasphemous. The final version of the album includes 13 tracks, with several industrial / dark electro ones. Once again the band’s lyrical content is of a similar nature to earlier works.

Satanogenesis, also under Deathgasm, is released on the 8th June 2006, and soon after, the band is sent to Germany to record the third disc.

At this time, recording, mixing and mastering is done at Echolane Recording Studio (Bad Bergen, Germany), and engineered by Kai Schwerdtfeger. This recording, later entitled as “Manifest” (manifestation of the war as a radical method for solving the problems of humanity) works on a musical and ideological level and divided into three logical parts: “Radius”, “Eradication” and “Verdict”. It contains 13 tracks and a video for the song ”Selection” in the multimedia section.

At this stage, “Manifest” was the biggest achievement yet, demonstrating their high artistic skill, and their aptitude for literacy. Musically, the album leans more towards death metal, but the topics are close to Satanism, with new militaristic ideas.

Almost a year later on the 29th of August 2007, “Manifest” was successfully published and distributed by Deathgasm Records.

SEMARGL release a video on the Internet from the album “Manifest”, showing the bands ideology with slogans and propaganda.

In 2007, changes in the line-up are happening. The new drummer “Erland” replaces “Equinox”, who left the group. New bassist “Hannibal” replaces “Kirkill”. The latter becoming the second vocalist, bringing a new vocal style to the fold.

In 2008 they conduct several performances at festivals in both Russia and Ukraine, while continuing to work on material for the next full length album.

Our days

In early 2009, SEMARGL signs a contract with German label and distribution company “Twilight Vertrieb”, thereby opening a new phase in their career. The recording of the fourth SEMARGL album “Ordo Bellictum Satanas” was in August/September 2009 and album released on the 12th of March 2010. Same days new video “Credo Revolution” was released. Same year Norwegian drummer Tom Fordervelse Nilsen joined band as permanent member, and band with new line up first performed at Devilstone Open Air (Lithuania) with such bands as Mayhem, Tankard, Grave etc.

In the beginning of 2011 SEMARGL released new video Tak, Kurwa ans so-called digital single available for free download.

In 2011 band changed their ex-drummer Fordervelse to Anima.

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